Terms & Conditions

The accompanying proclamation uncovers Quick Support Help security arrangements for its site. We do overhaul our strategy intermittently without notice so please check once in a while for any progressions. We consider protection important and the individual data gathered from our enrolled part will be utilized just to provide them benefit and additionally for their advantages. On the off chance that you ask for specialized support by email or phone, we will approach you for data expected to finish the exchange, for example, your enrolled customer ID and data about your PC equipment, programming and the way of the issue you are encountering. It is your choices, whether to continue with any action that solicitations individual data. Nonetheless, please take note of that on the off chance that you don’t wish to give the asked for data, you will most likely be unable to finish the particular procedure.

a) Personal Data We will ask you when we require data that by and by recognizing you (individual data) or permits us to get in touch with you. Amid enrollment, customer is required to give customer contact data, (for example, First and Last name, E-mail address, Postal address, Personal identifier and so forth.). Snappy Support Help will utilize your contact points of interest to reach you with respect to the item and additionally benefits you have asked. This incorporates re-enrollment/reestablishment warnings, exceptional offers, and reviews on enhancing our administration.

b) Payment Data If the customer registers to utilize the Service gave by Quick Support Help, we don’t gather Visa data via telephone. The installment data is to be entered just by the customer. Fast Support Help may utilize a Third party to handle and confirm Mastercards for charging purposes. We may exchange or uncover this installment data to a Third party just to the degree essential keeping in mind the end goal to finish the installment handling. All credit or charge card numbers are contributing to secure (SSL) servers and these numbers are not available from Quick Support Help.info.

c) Computer System Data
1) Subscriber Computer – We may likewise request data identified with your PC. This may include: data about the date of procurement of your PC, kind of PC, distinguishing proof number of your PC, make and model of your PC as well as any PC equipment, programming or peripherals joined to it, state of the PC, system and registry data about programming establishments and equipment arrangements, and blunder following records. This data is required to give customized specialized support to you, and to help us overhaul our support instruments and improve our upheld items list.

2) Access – While asking for support you may ask for the issue to be settled by taking control of your PC. Fast Support Help utilizes qualified apparatuses which permit the customer to allow control of customer PC to an Expert remotely over the Internet, so that the Expert can analyze or remedy issues. Specialists won’t utilize Remote Access devices to acquire secret or delicate data put away on customer PC or system, purposely demolish data on customer PC or system, or make customer encounter system issues.

3) Diagnostic Tools – Some Quick Support Help online determinations application may gather a wide assortment of valuable data about the condition of a PC system and the applications on it. This data is bundled into a record containing all the basic subtle elements required by Quick Support, Help and is sent safely over the Internet to the Quick Support Help server or a Third party server selected by Quick Support Help. Snappy Support Help dissects this data to analyze and take care of end-customer issues. Data gathered by the Quick Support Help application won’t contain any delicate data, for example, Web locales went to, email messages, email addresses sent to, passwords, profiles, and so on.

4) Live Help Session Records – Quick Support Help maintains whatever authority is needed to screen on-line and disconnected sessions amongst customer and a Technical Support Executive for quality control of the Service gave to the Customer by Technical Support. Also, we may record on-line and disconnected sessions led to the Web webpage for customer reference and to help with the determination of debate and additionally potential protestations. The session records will likewise be utilized to enhance the Service, assemble a support learning base, as well as direct interior statistical surveying. The session record data won’t be connected with by and by identifiable data about individual customers.